short film screening #1: exteriors (75')

friday 11.1.2019 20:30

quadro | lotte schreiber | austria, 2002 | 10'

a film portrait of a monumental 1960s apartment block built in the italian coastal city of trieste. resembling a fortress, this imposing structure, laid out in the shape of a square, floats on top of a hill overlooking the city. this video is not an architectural documentary in a conventional sense. its sole foundation is solely the filmmaker's subjective fascination with the constructed manifestation of a radical design idea and a failed social utopia. (norbert pfaffenbichler)

cinematography dariusz kowalski, norbert pfaffenbichler, lotte schreiber | music stefan németh | producer vidok | screening format dcp | distribution sixpackfilm

domino | lotte schreiber | austria, 2005 | 12'

domino describes a construction system of reinforced concrete developed by le corbusier in 1914. schreiber uses these "primary structures" as a framework and geographical reference system for the surrounding landscape by means of strictly framed black-and-white photographs. (norbert pfaffenbichler)

cinematography lotte schreiber, norbert pfaffenbichler | editing lotte schreiber | music stefan németh | screening format dcp | distribution sixpackfilm

fen bridges: forty foot of vermuden's drain to the great ouse | ellen sampson | united kingdom, 2017 | 7'

fen bridges responds to the environment of the fens, exploring an artificial landscape that exists only because of human intervention. filmed over one day it records bridges over a dike which carries water away from farmland to the river the great ouse. (ellen sampson)

cinematography ellen sampson | editing & sound andrew olley | screening format dcp | distribution ellen sampson

puhelinkoppi 1882-2007 | hope tucker | united states / finland, 2010 | 8'

you'll need a phone of your own to make a phone call in finland. a nokia camera phone writes the obituary for the nation's last public phone booths. (hope tucker)

cinematography, editing, sound, production hope tucker | screening format dcp | distribution hope tucker

gimny moskovii [the hymns of muscovy] | dmitri venkov | russia, 2018 | 15'

to tell a history through architecture and music, the film matches the styles of moscow's 20th- and 21st-century buildings with electronic variations of the soviet and russian national anthem. (internationale kurzfilmtage oberhausen)

cinematography pavel filkov | editing dmitri venkov | music aleksandr manotskov | producer kirill preobrazhenskiy | screening format dcp | distribution kurzfilmtage oberhausen

kreis wr. neustadt [a to a] | johann lurf | austria, 2011 | 5'

an immersive document of numerous rotunda islands in lower austria. built to control the speed and flow of traffic, the rotunda makes for a clearing in the built environment. its center is functionless by default, but as its presence in space is inevitable, it offers itself as an island of representation. circling these islands on his vespa, lurf catalogues the absurd symbolisms that emerge from them. (philipp widmann)

cinematography mark gerstorfer | editing johann lurf | sound nils kirchhoff | production johann lurf & mark gerstorfer | screening format dcp (2d) | distribution sixpackfilm

EMBARGO | johann lurf | austria, 2014 | 10'

lurf breathes life into austrian arms manufacturers - more precisely, the surface of their architecture, which is visible from a distance and therefore contradicts the information embargo inside. set to a driving gaming sound, levels shift and signal lights glow in rich contrasts. in our midst and yet seemingly from another world. (production info)

cinematography and editing johann lurf | music jung an tagen | production johann lurf | screening format dcp (2d) | distribution sixpackfilm