short film screening #2: in/out (60')

sunday 13.1.2019 16:00

la scala | aglaia konrad | belgium, 2016 | 10'

[vittorio viganò's] la scala is a rather small house on a spectacular headland overlooking lake garda. it consists of two horizontal concrete planes in which the rooms are shaped by glass separators and it is characterized by a long stairway that connects the house to the banks of the lake. in her new film, aglaia konrad combines in a split-screen different views of the villa and its surroundings. (penelope curtis)

cinematography léo lefèvre | editing dana munro, aglaia konrad | sound giulia del piero | producer vidok | screening format dcp | distribution auguste orts

DONALD JUDD and I | sasha pirker | austria, 2016 | 3'

the title of the film indicates a relationship, or what is more, trust and intimacy: 'donald judd and i' is like something said in passing and only up close. but in fact and from the very start, sasha pirker's four-minute miniature encapsulates manifold relationships and shifting dynamics. (esther buss)

script, cinematography, editing sasha pirker | screening format dcp | distribution sixpackfilm

dann is' vorbei mit beton. die passage von walter pichler | sasha pirker | austria, 2016 | 12'

the passage is one of the few realized works by the artist walter pichler. its completion was due thanks to a passionate private collector, the dream of every artist. the building becomes a manifestation of their relationship. (prod. info)

cinematography, editing, sound, production sasha pirker | screening format dcp | distribution sixpackfilm

exhibition talks | sasha pirker & lotte schreiber | austria, 2014 | 9'

the camera records details of the façade and interior rather than 'telling about' the sizes of the spaces and their built arrangement, for example, through a tour of the building. the clearly drawn lines and diverse opportunities to look in, out, and through, provide evidence of classical modernism's formal language, and also subject this formal language to a visual play of light and shadow, gray tones and black-and-white, dissolving the structure's three dimensions. (vrääth öhner)

script, cinematography, editing sasha pirker & lotte schreiber | screening format dcp | distribution sixpackfilm

wotruba | thomas draschan | austria, 2014 | 6'

draschan constructed his work of individual images, joining into a narrative. the film succeeds in providing a wholly unique interpretation of the materiality, the mood and the construction of the sacred space, and also in creating its own filmic reality. (harald krejci)

cinematography thomas draschan | editing gerd leschanowsky | sound sebastian brameshuber | screening format dcp | distribution sixpackfilm

stabat mater | josef dabernig | austria, 2016 | 16'

hotel guests look restrained, sedated in the diffuse light of the service provider's shimmering cage. a network of joists, pilasters and fluting exposes the proverbial off-season chill in the seating arrangements. smartphones and tablets mask a total lack of communication. (josef dabernig)

script and editing josef dabernig | cinematography christian giesser | music christoph herndler | sound michael palm | producer josef dabernig | screening format dcp | distribution sixpackfilm