celluloid corridors: timehelix / sermon

mohamed a. gawad, dalia neis & andreas reihse
germany, 2017 | 19'

saturday 25.5.2019 14:45

an audio-play about cinema: part film-manifesto, part audio-essay, part cinematic-séance, channeled via the voice and words of filmmaker, writer dalia neis aka dice miller, with music, arrangement, and celluloid-splicing from berlin-based kreidler-chief, andreas reihse. voices summoned from the lucid realms of the technologically-spirited, more-than-human archive: "...backed with abstraction of classical instrumentation, with stabs of strings warped into a thousand fragments, brutally interspersed with piercing shrieks before bringing things back to earth with perfectly measured throbbing organic whirrs. focussing on images, but (...) bringing things almost chronologically forward, with the history of film being investigated".

direction mohamed a. gawad, dalia neis, andreas reihse | writer dalia neis | music andreas reihse | sound andreas reihse, dalia neis | producers mohamed a. gawad, dalia neis, andreas reihse | format audio file | distribution / copy source andreas reihse