short film screening #2: optical sound (80')

saturday 25.5.2019 21:00

optical sound | elke groen & christian neubacher | austria, 2014 | 12'

a classic found-footage work comprising hundreds of fragments of opening credits from 35mm films. the countdown which appears at the beginning of every release print is normally withheld from the viewing audience. also not visible is the narrow, vertical optical soundtrack on the left edge of 35mm film strips, which involves black, symmetric wave shapes on a transparent background. optical sound is an homage to this type of soundtrack. the conventional production process, in which musical accompaniment is added to sequences of images, was reversed: the sound serves as the dominant, and the light follows. (norbert pfaffenbichler)

concept & realisation elke groen & christian neubacher | editing elke groen | composition & sound siegfried friedrich | producer elke groen | screening format 35mm | distribution / print source sixpackfilm

the sound drifts | stefano canapa | france, 2018 | 8'

hypnotising audio tracks dance to the soundtrack of canapa's previous film jérôme noetinger, for which canapa filmed a solo performance by the french sound artist. as a member of the renowned cellule d'inter-vention metamkine, noetinger manipulates magnetic tape creating bewitching sounds, now enriched with strobo-scopic effects. cinema for your ears! (light cone)

director stefano canapa | music jérôme noetinger | screening format 35mm | distribution / print source light cone

two/2 | peter bo rappmund | united states, 2008 | 4'

music scores are atomized and recompiled into instructions for visual edits and cues. ties are uncovered between sight and sound. (peter bo rappmund)

director peter bo rappmund | editing & sound peter bo rappmund | screening format .mov | distribution / copy source peter bo rappmund

a1b2c3 | norbert pfaffenbichler & lotte schreiber | austria, 2006 | 4'

a uniform white grid on a blue background structures the picture. this grid moves orthogonally at four different speeds. all of the audiovisual composition's parameters are based on the ratio of the screen's dimensions in digital video, 720 x 576. these figures or multiples or fractions of them define the speed and length of the animation. the soundtrack follows the same logic: the frequencies of a synthetically generated square sound were modulated on the basis of the given numerical values. (pfaffenbichler/schreiber)

concept & realisation norbert pfaffenbichler & lotte schreiber | music bernhard lang | screening format dvd | distribution / copy source sixpackfilm

arcana | rainer kohlberger | austria, 2011 | 19'

visuals for edgard varèse's arcana, performed by the bruckner-orchestra linz under the direction of argentine conductor and composer dante anzolini. (rainer kohlberger)

image rainer kohlberger | music edgard varèse | screening format .mov | copy source rainer kohlberger

at the horizon | manuel knapp & makino takashi | austria, 2018 | 30'

although it is clear which visual layer in this collaboration can be attributed to makino and which to knapp, the interplay of elements creates a hermetic overall impression. both artists participated equally in the creation of picture as well as sound. together they have produced an audiovisual composition as dramatic as it is hypnotic, perfectly complimenting one another without departing from their own personal styles. (norbert pfaffenbichler)

image & music manuel knapp & makino takashi | screening format dcp | distribution / copy source sixpackfilm