short film screening #3: durations (45')

sunday 26.5.2019 19:30

indirect measurement | tony conrad | united states, 2004/2011 | 8'

the mirror monochord is a wire with a small mirror attached to it which was bowed to agitate the mirror and recorded on video. (tony conrad)

concept & realisation tony conrad | cinematography tony conrad | screening format .mov | copy source the estate of tony conrad & electronic arts intermix (eai), new york

generator | makino takashi | japan, 2011 | 19' *program change*

rather than making films with my own imposed structure, my method is to abandon structure altogether or, in other words, layer images that once embodied meaning on top of one another until they become unintelligible. i aim for the resulting composite 'image' to be like a nameless animate being with a limitless capacity for meanings, so that my films become triggers for an audience to venture into their own imagination. this desire is embodied in the title of my film generator. (makino takashi)

realisation makino takashi | music jim o'rourke | producer aichi arts center | screening format dcp | copy source makino takashi

agosto | phill niblock | united states, 2015 | 21'

an unbroken shot of trees reflected on a lake surface rippling in the wind provides a perfect visual counterpart for niblock's composition ronet (2014) for tenor saxophone, played by neil leonard.

direction, cinematography, music phill niblock | screening format .mov | copy source phill niblock