short film screening #2: aqua (75')

saturday 5.10.2019 16:15

no is e | makino takashi | japan, 2006 | 23'

with the aid of a layered construction of the image, [makino] has managed to capture the different reflections of light on the surface of water. the acoustic-noise-like music and the dancing particles of light move like swarms of microorganisms and in this way slowly cover the entire screen. (iffr)

realisation makino takashi | music jim o'rourke | producer makino takashi | screening format file | distribution / copy source light cone

behind this soft eclipse | eve heller | austria, 2004 | 10'

i was imagining a collaboration of parallel worlds or a kind of doubled consciousness, a sense of the corporeal and the riddle of absence. the body of the film depends on a spine of interlocking contrasts in the form of negative and positive space, day and night shots, under and above water elements. these are cut on motion and qualities of light that are sometimes gentle and sometimes jarring, to convey the tender labor of hosting a balance. (eve heller)

concept and realization eve heller | screening format file | distribution / copy source sixpackfilm

the sea [is still] around us | hope tucker | united states, 2012 | 4'

a postcard usually enhances the reality. the contrast is more stark in corinna, maine, a former woolen mill town on the shores of lake sebasticook, where years of dumping of industrial waste contaminated the water supply. (hope tucker)

concept and realization hope tucker | screening format file | distribution / copy source hope tucker

river plate | josef dabernig | austria, 2013 | 16'

river plate displays a micro society in a fragmented body-narration. knees, shoulders, feet and bellies are signifiers of articulated human presence, revealing nothing else against a claustrophobic background of cement, stone and water. (josef dabernig)

director, script, editing josef dabernig | cinematography christian giesser | sound michael palm | producer josef dabernig | screening format file | distribution / copy source sixpackfilm

konrad & kurfurst | esther urlus | the netherlands, 2013/2014 | 7'

a fictional re-enactment of a 5 minutes happening that took place during the olympic games in berlin 1936. made on home brew emulsion and color toned with the helping hand of technical publications from early cinema and photographic experiments. the home brew emulsion as fragile metaphor for the heroism of konrad and his horse kurfurst. falling from his horse he became a national hero but overtaken by history, an anti-hero. (esther urlus)

director, cinematography, editing, sound esther urlus | screening format 16mm | distribution / print source light cone

careless reef part 4: marsa abu galawa | gerard holthuis | the netherlands, 2004 | 13'

impression of the underwater world in the red sea. the film is a bombardment of images and features the music of abdel basset hamouda, an egyptian musician. the structure of the film is based on the so called "flicker films", in which the unconscious experience of the images is more important than the actual images. (light cone)

cinematography, editing gerard holthuis | music abdel basset hamouda | producer filmstad producties bv | screening format 35mm | distribution / print source light cone