short film screening #4: silva (60')

saturday 5.10.2019 21:15

winter | heinz emigholz | germany, 2013 | 8'

material from heinz emigholz's classic schenec-tady series (1973-75) re-edited into a visual counterpart for the titular track from kreidler's album den (2013).

cinematography, editing heinz emigholz | music kreidler | producer pym films | screening format file | distribution / copy source pym films

elements of nothing | makino takashi | japan, 2007 | 19'

for this film, makino allowed himself to be inspired by the earth. in a never-ending stream of images, we recognize elements from the forest that he then reduces to an abstraction. the film came about as a classical composition in which the picture and the musical contribution of jim o'rourke link up seamlessly and lead the mood in turn. a sense of freedom is what predominates. (iffr)

realization makino takashi | music jim o'rourke | producer makino takashi | screening format file | distribution / copy source light cone

wishing well | sylvia schedelbauer | germany, 2018 | 13'

gushing colors. a time disjointed, yet synchronous. a transcendent turn, a quest for agency, a reunion with currents of the forest. (sylvia schedelbauer)

realization sylvia schedelbauer | music jeff surak | producer sylvia schedelbauer | screening format dcp | distribution / copy source sylvia schedelbauer

vertigo rush | johann lurf | germany, 2007 | 19'

a simple idea: find a beautiful sun-dappled verdant forest scene, then dolly zoom in and out slowly, then at incrementally increasing speed, until the image mutates into a merciless visceral assault that interrogates the very nature of human perception. (leeds film festival)

concept and realization johann lurf | producer johann lurf | screening format dcp | distribution / copy source sixpackfilm