wake (subic)

john gianvito | united states/the philippines, 2015 | 277'

sunday 6.10.2019 18:00

first begun in 2006, wake (subic) completes the documentary diptych, for example, the philippines, the first part of which, vapor trail (clark) was released in 2010. collectively this nine-hour essay explores circumstances of toxic contamination around the former u.s. military bases in the philippines as the locus for a meditation on historical amnesia, colonial privilege, and the consequences of unchecked militarism. interweaving both cinéma-vérité and interview footage of filipino victims and their families, environmental spokespersons, and community activists, along with early photographic material pertaining to the philippine-american war, partisan songs, historical texts, and landscape photography, both films are an attempt to construct a work capable of rendering some measure of this human and environmental tragedy and the complexities of its remedy. (viennale)

please note: this screening includes an intermission.

director, writer, cinematography, sound john gianvito | editing john gianvito, eric p. gulliver | music bradford krieger, lav diaz, teofilo "boojie" juatco | screening format dcp | distribution / copy source john gianvito