aus einem jahr der nichtereignisse

ann carolin renninger & rené frölke | germany, 2017 | 83'

sunday 1.3.2020 16:00

willi lives alone on a farmstead in northern germany. inside, there are pieces of old furniture, surfaces covered in papers and knick-knacks; clocks, cats and cobwebs; photographs, dirty window panes and dust; last year's apples. outside, there are chickens, plastic garden chairs, outbuildings, moss-covered benches; nettles, dandelions, blades of grass; trees and wild meadows that join up with the landscape beyond. willi is nearly ninety years old. the filmmakers visit him over the course of a year and film what they see, they talk to him, listen to him and document two things at once, willi's routine and their own process of capturing it. the celluloid images and pieces of black leader between them may be from now, but they could be from then. this year is as uneventful as all the others, but things happen nonetheless: the sun moves, water freezes and melts again, plants grow and die back, textures shift. there is always change and there is always repetition; between them is life. (festival internacional de cine de mar del plata)

direction, cinematography ann carolin renninger, rené frölke | editing rené frölke | producer ann carolin renninger | screening format dcp | distribution / copy source joon film