so leben wir - botschaften an die familie

gustav deutsch | austria, 2017 | 107'

friday 28.2.2020 19:00

the film employs a broad media-archeological array in a form of letter writing: from first color home movies to video and digital cell phone images and skype. the family recordings that structure the film are like moving postcards, telling of various lives and lifepaths from the 20th century. but they also speak to the medium of film as a tool of everyday life, to a function of bridging distances that came to make the "family of man" possible as a community, its biographies increasingly marked by migratory patterns... the film produces a community not only between various people from various places, but also establishes a timeless togetherness, allowing generations of filmmakers to speak to one another and via the medium of the movie screen, to us. (alejandro bachmann)

director & script gustav deutsch | cinematography gustav deutsch, mostafa tabbou | editing gustav deutsch | music christian fennesz | production kgp filmproduction | screening format dcp | distribution / copy source sixpackfilm