short film screening #1: family album (60')

friday 28.2.2020 21:00

give me back my own picture perfect memory! | luise donschen | germany, 2012 | 26'

while my father created a picture archive of my childhood, my grandmother destroyed the family photo albums just before her death. stuck between these extremes, i venture out to question old pictures, produce new ones and find a perspective. my journey takes me to east berlin, poland and through hamburg. this documentary deals with the shape of memory, the ease of forgetting and last not least, making films. (luise donschen)

director, script, editing luise donschen | cinematography felix-sören meyer, janine jembere, luise donschen | sound design tobias peper | screening format file | distribution / copy source luise donschen

valeria street | janie geiser | united states, 2018 | 12'

the starting point for valeria street was a frayed kodak box of 7 slides that fell off a shelf of collage materials in my studio. the slides, from the 1970s, depicted a group of 5 men, staged around a conference table in a generic office setting, and looking down at a set of documents. at the center of the frame, in the middle of the table, was a man holding a pen in his left hand. upon close inspection, i saw that he was my father. (janie geiser)

concept & realization janie geiser | music laura steenberge | screening format file | distribution / copy source lux

erinnerungen | sylvia schedelbauer | germany, 2004 | 19'

a woman grows up during the bubble economy in japan. why did her parents never speak about the past? using a box full of photos found in her family archive, the filmmaker tries to construct one version of a family history. (

concept & realization sylvia schedelbauer | screening format file | distribution / copy source sylvia schedelbauer